Wood AR-15 Build:

Wood AR-15 Build: "Queen Anne's Revenge"

Customers regularly send us photos of our Wood AR-15 Furniture on their rifles or pistols... and we love it!  It is very satisfying to see the builds others have dreamed up and selected our furniture for.

Recently, Tim S. sent us photos of a build he has names "Queen Anne's Revenge" and we were so impressed that we decided to share it with you all.  Tim's build is the first in a series of posts in which we'll show off what the Black Wood USA community is doing with their wood AR-15 components.  Enjoy the photos of Tim's build below... Oh and to make the rest of us look bad, he even did the painting himself.

"My inspiration for this build is my wife and I enjoy Renaissance Festivals and here in Texas we have a few... The rifle is a fitting extension of how we live our lives for several months a year."     -Tim S.


Wood AR-15 Build, Queen Anne's Revenge

 Parts List:

 1) Sharps Bros Jack Lower

2) Aero Upper

3) BCA Stainless 16" Barrel

4) Fortis RED Stainless Muzzle Break

5) Breek Arms 15" M-LOK Rail

6) Strike Industries AFG

7) Strike Industries Enhanced Mag Release

8) Strike Industries Bolt Catch

9) Nickel Boron Buffer Tube

10) Armaspec XPDW Stock

11) Giesselle Trigger 3.5 lbs Pull

12) Black Wood USA English Walnut Grip

13) Black Wood USA English Rail Panels

14) Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Red Dot

15) Sig Sauer 30rd Magazine

16) Stag Arms Flag BCG


Wood AR-15 Build, Queen Anne's Revenge


Wood AR-15 Build, Queen Anne's Revenge

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  • Jason

    Great looking build! Thanks for sharing Hope to get mine listed