Black Wood USA Releases Wood Grips for the AR-15

Black Wood USA Releases Wood Grips for the AR-15

The company continues to develop new products that bring the tradition of wood to the AR platform

SEATTLE – March 19, 2018 – Black Wood USA, a company pioneering wood components for the AR-15 platform, today announced the release of new English Walnut grips that bring classic look and feel of wood to America’s most popular rifle.

The company, which started a little more than one year ago, has made significant strides in its short history. “We’ve spent the past year designing, prototyping, and gathering feedback from our customers,” said CEO William Mengon, “these grips are the first of a suite of products we’ve developed through that process. 

The grips are made possible through a partnership between Black Wood USA and Indian Creek Designs (ICD). ICD has been producing an aluminum grip frame that allows the user to add 1911 grip panels to their AR-15 for some time. However, regular 1911 grip panels must be modified to allow the AR-15 safety selector switch to function properly. Black Wood USA’s grip panels capitalize on the proven ergonomics of the 1911-style frame while allowing the rifle to function as designed. “ICD has developed a solid platform,” commented Mengon, “partnering with them was a natural choice.”

Each grip starts as a solid block of English Walnut, which is CNC machined into a right and left grip panel. The panels are then hand-sanded to ensure fit and sealed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain and to increase durability.

The grips are available on the company’s website with smooth or grooved panels and start at $100.00.

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About Black Wood USA: is owned and operated by U.S. Army Veterans who wanted to share their wood AR-15 components with the world. Each piece of their wood furniture is hand-finished to highlight the natural grain of the wood and all their products are 100% made in the U.S.A.

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  • Juan Mena
    Juan Mena

    Hello, will you be expanding to other guns? Because i have a ar grip adapter on my remington 870 12 gauge and would love a set of handguard and grip (ar platform) that match. Or will you sell ‘unfinished’ grips ready to be DIY Stain or dye?