Wood AR-15 Furniture: Day Seven... or so...

When we started this project we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog per day of work we did on our Wood AR-15 furniture. This way, we thought, we could share all the progress we were making. It turns out that one day of work, usually sanding, didn't always yield share-worthy results. So the "Day Seven" title of this post should be understood as "Update Seven." There have been many days since the "Day Six" update.

As of the last update, we had a block of wood that had three holes in it that we were affectionately referring to as a Wood AR-15 Stock. We have since spent much time drawing, cutting, Dremeling and sanding that stock until it took the shape you see below.

Wood AR-15 Stock 3
Wood AR-15 Stock 1

Wood AR-15 Stock 2

With the stock mostly shaped, we went full-bore into sanding each of the pieces of wood furniture to be ready for sealing. The sanding process started with sub-100 grit paper and ended with scouring pads with ratings well into the hundreds. We wanted to make sure each piece felt great in hand/on cheek and that the grain was shown in all its rosewood glory. 

Once the main sanding was complete, we began alternating between applying a clear gloss finish and more gentle sanding. The pictures below are of each piece of the wood furniture with about four coats of wood finish on. 

Wood AR-15 Stock Sealing
Wood AR-15 Furniture Drying

A few more coats and the furniture will be ready to go on the rifle. A day that we have been waiting for and working towards for what seems like a very long time.

Stay tuned to see pictures of the rifle fully assembled with all the wood furniture in all its glory.

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