Wood AR-15 Grips In Final Production

Wood AR-15 Grips In Final Production

The old adage that everything takes longer than you'd think proves true once again.  

We have spent the better part of 2017 designing, redesigning, scraping, prototyping and then again redesigning our Wood AR-15 Grips.  Our initial plan was to have the grips in production in the Spring but were unwilling to sacrifice the quality of the final product in order to meet a previous deadline.  

Over the course of the design process we utilized three different manufactures' grip frames before settling on Indian Creek Design's 1911-Style Frame. We chose ICD's AR-15 Grip Frame for a number of reasons. Two of the most important being: it has a more vertical grip angle than other AR-15 grips, a feature that reduces wrist pressure when firing a rifle with a collapsed stock, and it has a more robust construction than other frames we tested, which may have sacrificed some durability on the alter of weight reduction.

We are now just a few weeks from officially launching our Wood AR-15 Grips.  Below are a few pictures of the grips on a traditionally-styled AR-15.


Click here to learn more about our Wood AR-15 Grips.

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