Wood AR-15 Rail Panels

Wood AR-15 Rail Panels "2.0"

This post falls under the "better late than never" category...

A few weeks ago we unveiled our new Wood AR-15 Rail Panels, which improved upon on first rail panel design in two ways. 

The first improvement is in the thickness of the panels themselves. In our initial design the rail panels were 1/4" thick. Our 2.0 panels are just a bit thinner at 7/32".  Not a huge change, but the adjustment was made so that the panels will fit a wider variety of AR-15 rails with a single length of bolt. Hundreds of manufacturers make AR-15 rails and every one of them has a different design, material, coating process etc. This can make designing a one-size-fits-all attachment difficult.  Shaving just 1/8" off our original rail panel design, allows our MLOK and KeyMod Hardware to have ample room to attach to numerous rail designs without hitting barrels or gas blocks when mounted on thin rails.

The second, and more obvious, improvement is in the addition of grooves. We added the grooves to increase grip without completely covering up the beauty of the wood. After experimenting with a number of designs, we found that large deep groove provide the best traction while not stippling the wood to death.... and it matches our Grips.

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