Wood "BAR-15" Build Day 4

Today we once again carved out a few hours to make some more progress on the Wood BAR-15 build.  If you have missed the progress updates up to this point, you can read the first one here, and the second here.  

Not much narration is required for today's update. Our goal was to shape the exterior profile of the wood foregrip and did so first with a router table and then with lots of hand sanding with various devices.  

The pictures below tell the story. 

Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 4
First passes with the router complete.
Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 4
The sanding begins.
Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 4
Lines drawn, more sanding.
Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 4
Most of the sanding done, the sides are beginning to take shape.

Up next is more shaping, including to match Aero's C.O.P. Upper, and then it's time to final sand and finish.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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