Wood "BAR-15" Build Day 5

The final day of cutting/shaping/sanding had arrived. We were very excited to get back in the T/E shop and get this block of wood finally shaped into a BAR-15 Foregrip!

We had completed the basic exterior shape of the foregrip on Day 4, so we turned our attention to finishing the profiles of the front and rear ends of the foregrip.  The image below shows the rough shaping of the rear end of the foregrip. 

Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 5

Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 5 2

The other side of the foregrip with angle matching the upper's profile.


Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 5 3

The bottom chamfer taking shape.


Wood BAR-15 Foregrip Build Day 5 4

Sanding the chamfer to smooth the transition from the upper to the wood foregrip.

All that is left is to finish sand and seal the foregrip.  The next post will be of the completed foregrip. Stay tuned!

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