Wood "BAR-15" Build: Stock

Those of you who have been following our Wood BAR-15 Build know that we have been slowing working our way from the front of the rifle to the rear adding wood furniture pieces as we go.  The end goal of the build is a modern functioning AR-15 with a look that pays homage to both the M1918 BAR and the world-famous Thompson.

If you'd like to read up on the build process up to this point, here are links to the articles in order:


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Wood BAR-15 Build: Grips


With the foregrip and grip completed we turned our attention to making the fixed wood minimalist stock. Compared to the foregrip, the stock was relatively simply.  We shaped it from a single piece of wood and used a set screw to attach it to the buffer tube.  After a few rounds of prototypes we settled on a model that was as small and light as we wanted, but strong enough to provide a solid shooting platform for the rifle.  

Below are some pictures of the the stock including photos of it mounted on a rifle with a teaser of a our premium grips that will soon be in production.  You can learn more about, or buy one of our Wood Stocks Here.

Wood Minimalist AR-15 Stock
Standing on end.
Minimalist Wood AR-15 Stock
Allen set screw into the Mil-spec buffer tube.
Wood AR-15 Furniture, Wood BAR-15 Build
The (wood mismatched) full set.

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