Minimalist Wood AR-15 Stock, English Walnut

Minimalist Wood AR-15 Stock, English Walnut


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Our Minimalist Wood AR-15 Stock offers fixed stock functionality without traditional fixed stock weight. Each stock is cut from a single piece of lumber so the wood's natural grain runs throughout the stock. This monolithic design also capitalizes on the wood's natural strength. Our minimalist stocks attach firmly to your Mil-Spec buffer tube and forms a solid foundation for your rifle.

This stock is a drop-in upgrade for AR10 and AR15-style firearms and requires no additional tools.

This stock is designed only for use on rifles with Mil-Spec buffer tubes. 


  • Easy Installation on Any Mil-Spec Buffer Tube
  • Made from a Single Piece of Wood
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Wood Type: English Walnut
  • Length of Pull: Coming Soon
  • Length: Coming Soon
  • Width: Coming Soon
  • Thickness: Coming Soon
  • Weight: Coming Soon
  • Includes Mounting Hardware

About The Wood

English Walnut is a classic hardwood that has been used in firearms production for centuries. Its colors range from blonde to dark brown with most pieces having little color variation. The Wood Database rates its Janka Hardness at 1,220 lb.

No two pieces of lumber are alike and neither are our stocks. We take pride in the unique patterns and colors found in each of our stocks and know that you'll love the way the wood complements your firearm. Please note therefore, that the pieces you receive may not look exactly like those shown in the images.

About Our Collections

Each product line we launch is available for a limited time, in limited quantities.  This is simply because each piece of wood we buy is unique.  While we may offer wood AR-15/AR-10 furniture in the same wood type as that of a previous piece of furniture, we cannot guarantee that both offerings will look the same.

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