Wood AR-15 Grips, Rosewood

Wood AR-15 Grips, Rosewood


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These rosewood AR-15 grips combine our wood craftsmanship with Executive Ordnance’s machined aluminum grip frames. We shape our wood grip panels to fit into the aluminum frames by first laser-cutting and then hand-working for optimal fit. Once each wood grip panel snaps into its aluminum frame, we shape its profile until it feels comfortable and secure in hand. These steps are then repeated on the grips opposite panel and finger piece.

To finish the grips, we sand each piece of the set with increasingly high-grit sand paper and then apply multiple layers of clear polyurethane sealant. This process is always done by hand and helps to not only protect the wood but also highlight its natural color and grain.

No two pieces of lumber are alike and neither are our grip panels. We take pride in the unique patterns and colors found in each of our grip panels and know that you'll love the way the wood complements your firearm. Please note therefore, that the pieces you receive may not look exactly like those shown in the images.



Each set contains a right, left and finger wood grip panel.

  • Wood Type: Coming Soon
  • Frame: 7075 Aluminum, MIL-A-8625, Type III Hard Anodized
  • Width: Coming Soon
  • Weight: Coming Soon
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Includes Allen Wrenches 


About The Wood

Brazilian Rosewood is as hard as it is beautiful. Its colors range from a light tan to black with red hues throughout. When finished, its grain is very pronounced and gives an almost layer appearance. The Wood Database rates its Janka Hardness at 2,790 lb.

About Our Collections

Each product line we launch is available for a limited time, in limited quantities.  This is simply because each piece of wood we buy is unique.  While we may offer wood AR-15/AR-10 furniture in the same wood type as that of a previous piece of furniture, we cannot guarantee that both offerings will look the same.