Wood AR-15 Rail Panels, Zebrawood

Wood AR-15 Rail Panels, Zebrawood

Rail Panels

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Our wood rail panel sets are a great addition to your AR-15, AR-10 or other pistol/rifle with an M-LOK or KEYMOD rail. Each rail panel starts as one piece of lumber and is first machined into its general shape. Then each panel is shaped, sanded and sealed by hand. This combination of man and machine production enables the highest level of precision with an unbeatable hand finish. 

Our finishing process highlights the natural grain and color of the wood while protecting it with multiple layers of clear polyurethane sealant to increase durability. This ensures that our rail panels will perform to the modern sportsman/woman’s standards and hold their classic look.

No two pieces of lumber are alike and neither are our rail panels. We take pride in the unique patterns and colors found in each of our rail panels and know that you'll love the way the wood complements your firearm. Please note therefore, that the pieces you receive may not look exactly like those shown in the images.

Sold in sets of three.



  • Wood Type: Zebrawood
  • Rail Panels: 3
  • Length: 4 Inches
  • Width: 5/8 Inch
  • Thickness: 3/16 Inch
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • Includes Allen Wrench


    About The Wood

    Zebrawood is an exotic hardwood that is typically sourced from West Africa. Its iconic dark-light striping makes it easily identifiable and provides great variation in appearance from piece to piece. The Wood Database rates its Janka Hardness at 1,830 lb.

    About Our Collections

    Each product line we launch is available for a limited time, in limited quantities.  This is simply because each piece of wood we buy is unique.  While we may offer wood AR-15/AR-10 furniture in the same wood type as that of a previous piece of furniture, we cannot guarantee that both offerings will look the same.

      Rail Panels Installation:

      1. Remove rail panels from packaging, leaving the hardware installed.

      2. Position each rail panel with KEYMOD nuts or MLOK T-Nuts through the corresponding rail slots and gently turn each bolt clockwise to lock panel in position.

      3. While applying light outward pressure on the rail panel, use the short end of the supplied allen wrench to tighten each screw until snug. Caution, do not overtighten screws!

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