Adjustable Wood AR-15 Stock, Rosewood



Currently Under Development!!!

Our wood stocks are the first adjustable wood stocks for the AR-15 platform. Each stock is first precisely cut by machine to ensure perfect mating with the adjusting hardware. Then each stock is shaped, sanded and sealed by hand. This combination of man and machine production enables the highest level of precision with an unbeatable hand finish. 

Our finishing process highlights the natural grain and color of the wood while protecting it with multiple layers of clear polyurethane sealant to increase durability. This ensures that our stocks will perform to the modern sportsman/woman’s standards and hold their classic look.


  • Solid Rosewood Construction
  • CQB-Style Adjustability 
  • Natural Wood Feel
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Wood Type: Rosewood
  • Max. Length: Coming Soon
  • Min. Length: Coming Soon
  • Width: Coming Soon
  • Thickness: Coming Soon
  • Weight: Coming Soon
  • Includes Mounting Hardware

About The Wood

Brazilian Rosewood is as hard as it is beautiful. Its colors range from a light tan to black with red hues throughout. When finished, its grain is very pronounced and gives an almost layer appearance. The Wood Database rates its Janka Hardness at 2,790 lb.

About Our Collections

Every piece of wood we use is unique. However, to help ensure that the furniture on your rifle provides a uniform aesthetic, we do our best to match all wood furniture pieces within the same wood type. For example, you can rest assured that our Walnut (or Rosewood, Zebrawood, etc) Stock, Grip and Rail Panels will all look great together on your weapon.

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